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   Source of manuscript: Beijing Youth Daily


   On October 11th, the 2020 Chinese Women's Super League ended at the Kunming Haigeng base. There were 10 teams participating in the Women's Super League this season. In the end, Wuhan Chedujiang Team won the championship, Jiangsu Suning Women's Football Team won the second place, and Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Team won the third place. The Hebei Huaxia Xingfu team, which ranked bottom in the relegation group, suffered relegation and will play in the Women's League next season.




   In the two stages of the Women’s Super League, a total of 7 rounds of new coronavirus nucleic acid tests were performed on all personnel in the Haigeng base, with a total of 4574 people, and the results were all negative. Whether it is the players, coaches, referees or the staff of all parties, they have done their own work with a high sense of responsibility to ensure the smooth holding of the Women's Super League.


Liu Lin, head coach of Wuhan Chedujiang Brigade, said in an interview: "The motherland has overcome numerous difficulties and basically controlled and eliminated the epidemic. Wuhan is in a period of reconstruction. The team must use its best results to improve morale and confidence." With his determination, Wuhan Chedujiang Brigade teamed up and won the first championship in team history with 11 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. "We must bring this championship back to our hometown, bring the championship to the medical staff who stick to Wuhan, and bring it to all those who cheer for us in Wuhan!" Wang Shuang, a member of the team who was interviewed after the game, said excitedly.

武汉车都江大队总教练刘琳在接受采访时说亚博体彩网:“祖国已经克服了许多困难,基本控制并消除了这一流行病。武汉正处于重建期。车队必须尽最大努力提高士气和信心。 。”凭借他的决心,武汉车都江大队联手以11胜1平1负的成绩赢得了队史上的第一个冠军。 “我们必须把这个冠军带回我们的家乡,把这个冠军带给坚持武汉的医务人员,并将它带给所有在武汉为我们加油的人!”赛后接受采访的车队成员王爽兴奋地说。



   In late August this year, the 2020 Women's Super League kicked off, and the Kunming Haigeng base was selected as the host. In order to guarantee the team training and competition, the Haigeng base has set aside 15 fields, and 30 staff members maintain the lawn every day, ensuring that there are 3 competition fields, 10 training fields, and 2 spare fields every day to present high-quality conditions.


   In terms of diet, the base has also made great efforts. The hardware and software facilities are guaranteed, and the team can participate without worries. Compared with the 2019 season, the competition in the 2020 Women's Super League is fiercer. The four teams entering the championship group have similar points regardless of whether they are in the first stage or the championship stage. Until the penultimate round, the top four are still ranked There are still big variables that make the league full of suspense and more attractive and enjoyable.


The 2020 Women's Super League will play 68 games, 235 goals and an average of 3.46 goals per game. Compared with the 3.21 goals per game in the 2019 Women's Super League, the number of goals in the Women's Super League this season has increased. . Among them, domestic players scored 163 goals and averaged 2.40 goals per game. Domestic players represented by Ma Xiaoxu, Tang Jiali, Ni Mengjie, Wang Shuang, Han Peng, Gu Yasha, Li Ying, and Xie Qiwen showed excellent competitive form. Compared with the 2.21 goals per game in the 2019 season, the scoring efficiency of domestic players has also improved.

2020年女子超级联赛将出战68场比赛,打入235球,平均每场比赛3.46球。与2019年女子超级联赛的每场比赛3.21个进球相比,本赛季女子超级联赛的进球数有所增加。 。其中,国内球员打进163球,平均每场入球2.40球。马晓旭,唐家利,倪梦洁,王爽,韩鹏,顾雅莎,李颖和谢启文代表的国内选手表现出了出色的竞技形式。与2019赛季的平均每场比赛2.21个进球相比,国内球员的得分效率也有所提高。



   At the start of the Women’s Super League, the official website of the Chinese Women’s Football Team was officially launched. The brand-new website design style is simple and modern, visually unified, and speeds up the pace of information updates.


On social media, the attention of the Women's Super League has increased significantly. The topic of Weibo #女超联盟# has received more than 53.4 million views in more than a month, which is an increase in the historical cumulative reading of the topic. 6.6 times. The topic of #武汉女足夺冠# immediately received more than 11 million views on the day of the championship, and once rushed to the top six new topics on the Sina Weibo hot search list. The enthusiasm of the Women's Super League has also led to the attention of the Chinese women's football team. During the more than one month of the league, the number of Chinese women's football readings on Weibo reached 11.4 million, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of readings of the Chinese women's football. .

在社交媒体上,女子超级联赛的关注度大大提高。微博#女超联盟#的主题在一个多月内已获得5340万次观看,这是该主题历史累积阅读量的增加。 6.6倍冠军当天,“武汉女足夺冠#”这个话题立即获得了超过1100万的观看次数,并一度冲上了新浪微博热门搜索列表的前六名。女子超级联赛的热情也引起了中国女子足球队的注意。在联赛一个多月的时间里,中国女足在微博上的阅读次数达到了1,140万,占中国女足阅读总数的1/4。 。

   In order to adapt to the new form of media communication, the government has strengthened the content production of short videos. A total of 216 videos were produced, accounting for 21% of the total information production, and the total broadcast volume exceeded 6.6 million.


   A total of 18 platforms for the Women's Super League this season were live broadcast, 68 exciting games, 10 team members "ride the wind and waves, dare to bloom", the 2020 Women's Super League has drawn a successful conclusion.


  Text/Reporter Wang Fan


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