Tiger Fighting, October 20th Serbian foreign aid Tosic, currently playing for China's Taizhou Broad, recently accepted an interview with the Serbian media. Tosic believes that he chose to play in China is a wise move.


Tosic said: "At the beginning I chose to come to China to continue my career. Many people around me said that I was crazy, but now China has gotten rid of the impact of the new crown epidemic. This proves how correct my choice is."

托西奇说:“一开始我选择来中国继续我的职业。我周围的许多人说我疯了,但是现在中国摆脱了新王冠流行的影响。这证明了我的选择是多么正确。 。”

For the next Super League match in the Chinese Premier League, Tosic looked forward to: "Chengdu and Changchun are the strongest teams in the Super League. Although Taizhou Yuanda is not strong, it has the ability to create surprises. The next game is a round robin. We played in Chengdu in the first stage, so we are more adaptable to the venue. I hope the team will go further in the second stage."


Speaking of the feeling of successfully entering the Super Group, Tosic said: "We are a young club. It feels great to catch the last train of the Super Group in the final round. The team owner is also very happy. He is playing. Afterwards, we invited guests to celebrate the victory. My teammates basically went home during the offseason. I don’t like long-distance travel, so I stayed in Chengdu, but I’m not alone in Chengdu because my former teammates played for Chengdu Xing. Djurgic of the city also stayed."


Earlier this month, Tosic praised Taizhou Yuanda for paying wages on time in an interview. He said that he had heard that many teams in China owed wages, but he received wages on time every month this year.


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